March 2017

Roosevelt Mitchell III: New Missouri Law Is “School to Prison Pipeline” On Steroids

A new Missouri law that will go in effect on January 1, 2017 that will send children to jail for fighting at school. No matter the grade or the age of the student, he or [...]

How will Donald Trump treat the disability community?

As an African American and “Disability Scholar” meaning a person who is not merely engaged to the disability struggle but a person who lives with it daily and is married to it, I was torn [...]

Depressed On The Battlefield: Raising Black Boys With Broken Men

Rapper Kid Cudi’s current mental health admission and his willingness to check himself into a rehabilitation center for anxiety and depression came at a crucial moment this year. He should be applauded for his courage not only to make a social media [...]

Model With No Legs Earns $1,000 Per Day

When we think about models or those who aspire to model our thoughts drift to women with perfect figures that includes perfect legs and a thin waist. Or muscular men with a body that looks [...]

Prison Debate Team Beats Harvard in Debate

Three men who are currently serving prison terms for manslaughter beat Harvard’s debate team in a head to head competition. The prison team had already beaten U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. and a [...]

How To Encourage Children With Disabilities

As an individual with a disability, people often ask me “how did you become successful living with a disability?” Without any hesitation my response is always the same “the power of words.” When I was [...]