A Chicago mother visited her five year old son’s school and discovered her son wearing a trash bag. Nyesha Terry, whose son is nonverbal and epileptic, visited her son’s classroom at D.S. Wentworth Elementary School in Chicago and her son was isolated from the rest of the class with a trash bag on like a poncho. Like any concerned parent she immediately questioned the teacher about both situations.

The teacher stated the reason he put the trash bag on her son was because he was afraid of him getting sick from wearing a wet shirt all day. Terry’s son drools on his clothes often due to his epilepsy. The mother was concerned that her son may suffocate himself with the trash bag or put it in his mouth and swallow a piece of the plastic. She stated the staff at her son’s last school used bibs and had a change of clothes to combat the drooling. The following day after Nyesha questioned the teacher she visited her son’s classroom and the teacher had the trash bag on her son again. This time the mother went straight to the administration and they have yet to reply.

She reached out to the media and she says “that this will just give parents with special needs children insight into what’s going on when we’re not around our children. I want exposure because it’s not right.”  She makes a valid point because think about how long her son may have been wearing that trash bag before she visited her son’s classroom. What if she hadn’t made a follow up visit and noticed that the teacher completely ignored her requests about her child’s safety? In many instances parents only go to their child’s school when they are requested such as parent/teacher conference, open house and etc. As parents we must make surprise visits to our child’s school to see exactly what’s going on and when we are not there.